I was born in Poughkeepsie, NY. We moved to a farm during middle school where I learned about raising animals and growing food. Now, I live in the affluent suburbs of Washington, DC and wonder why people eat the way they do.

Bacon Fried Rice

Learn to make fried rice at home. It’s much better than the crap they push off on you at a Chinese restaurant. Lots of fresh ingredients and a little bit of care will make a delicious dish, not someone else’s leftovers in a little white cardboard box. Fried Rice on…

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Eat Healthy for the New Year

Do you want to learn to make your own probiotics to boost your immunity and create delicious and highly bioavailable snacks?  Do you want to learn to ferment and create superfoods to add to your diet on a regular basis?  I have just the video for you!  Check out my…

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