Quick Drying Herbs in the Microwave

To dry your freshly harvested herbs from your garden, don’t turn on the oven or invest in an expensive food-dehydrator–use your microwave! Drying takes just a couple of minutes, if you’re careful.

Line a diner plate with 3 paper towels. Loosely cover the towel with the herbs. In the picture, I’ve got some basil I grew. Make sure you get rid of most of the stems.


Drying Herbs Microwave
Ready for the Microwave


Put in the microwave on High for one minute. Make sure the turntable is working and the herbs are moving. Fold the corners of the towel under, to prevent them from hanging up on the inside walls of the oven. Take the herbs out and transfer to another plate covered with paper towel.

Drying Herbs Microwave
Almost there…


Spread the damp towels out to dry while you’ve got the next batch in the oven. Keep repeating this process until the leaves are crumbly and before they burn!


Quick Drying Herbs from the Garden
Ready for the Spice Rack


Once the leaves are dry enough, you can store them in a jar, or run them through a grinder to put into a little spice jar.

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